1 (Yes, I'm up at 3:26 A.M. on a weekday)

Sorry for being so quiet lately, I've been working my critter-loving butt off trying to get some more illustrations under my belt. I'd like to have at least twenty of these by the time my show opens on April 3rd, and as of right now I only have twelve. Prints of all of my exotic pets are now for sale at my Etsy shop in various sizes. I'd be happy to take any exotic pet requests or suggestions! I'm trying to keep the pets furry & cute for now, but I am not opposed to a little Reptilia lovin'.
Chompin' BroccoliAlpacas are Just Llamas With Bangs
Pig Supreme
Putting the Goat in Goatee

In other artsy news, I'm in the middle of designing a wallet and passport cover with Tinymeat for their Etsy shop, which I am really excited about because I love their artist series products. Plus, they've had over 8,000 Etsy sales in three years, which is insanity to me considering I've only had 18 (baby steps, I suppose!). Hopefully there will be more exciting news to come soon, but until then, please bear with my critter-induced silence!


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  1. ahhhhh, the mouse is so cute. I saw the other ones on your website already and I looove the llama. you my dear are phenomenal!