3 Guinea pigs are so scene it hurtz.

Guinea Pigs Made the Pompadour Famous way Before Morrissey
Here's the most recent critter in my series, "say hello to my little friends." I've always wanted a guinea pig because they make alien noises and have bedhead just like me, but alas, I already have an apartment filled with pets so I suppose this little guy will have to suffice.
In other critter-related news, I wanted to say thank you to one of my favorite blogs, Fly, for featuring me this week! I'm flattered to be sharing the screen with so many other artists I heart.


  1. Aw! Super cute! You go, Shannonpants!

  2. ah you are just amazing. yeah, just that. can't wait to have me some hippo on my wall!


  3. guinea pigs were my pets of choice when I was growing up. Good times, good times. Your art is incredible, and constantly amazes me!