6 Sit. Stay. Love.

Last week I volunteered to photograph a dog event at Anthropologie in Marlton, NJ. Anthropologie partnered with the Animal Orphanage of Voorhees for "Sit. Stay. Love.," a pet adoption event where a handful of adorable dogs ended up finding homes that day. I also shot photos of pets with their owners, which was a wonderful opportunity because it's not every day you get to photograph dogs with such lovely backdrops. Thanks to Anthropologie for the wonderful opportunity!



8 Puppy love

I was lucky enough to spend this past Saturday at the PSPCA photographing shelter dogs, as well as dogs that were previously adopted from the PSPCA and were attending training classes. I'm now comfortably using the manual setting on my camera, thank goodness. I must admit, photographing dogs is much different than roller derby girls or my husband playing video games. I really enjoy the challenge, though, and hope to visit the PSPCA again in the near future

One of my dreams is to pursue pet photography, and I would love to start building up my portfolio by offering complimentary sessions. If you know anyone in the Philadelphia-area who would like a free pet portrait session, please have them contact me! I haven't had the opportunity to shoot any cats yet, so I think that would be a great change of pace (apart from the fact that I'd probably sneeze all over my camera since I am super allergic to kitties). I think the only pet that I'd be a little hesitant about is a snake, because I am a total wuss when it comes to slithery reptiles. As long as the owner can promise me I won't be eaten like Jon Voight in Anaconda, then I think I'd be okay.

On a semi-related note, I will be at the Anthropologie in Marlton, NJ this Friday, October 9th, from 5 to 8pm photographing dogs with their owners. All across the country, Anthropologie stores are holding puppy-related events throughout the month of October, including pet adoptions, food drives and yappy hour parties. Feel free to stop by for wine & refreshments, or to just visit the adorable dogs that will be up for adoption!