3 Guinea pigs are so scene it hurtz.

Guinea Pigs Made the Pompadour Famous way Before Morrissey
Here's the most recent critter in my series, "say hello to my little friends." I've always wanted a guinea pig because they make alien noises and have bedhead just like me, but alas, I already have an apartment filled with pets so I suppose this little guy will have to suffice.
In other critter-related news, I wanted to say thank you to one of my favorite blogs, Fly, for featuring me this week! I'm flattered to be sharing the screen with so many other artists I heart.


5 Critters and CTU cure congestion!

During the holidays, I was 95% sure that I had a sinus infection, but hoped it would just get better on its own because I didn't want to have to visit the doctor during our brief break. It turns out, that was not the best idea. I spent the last week in a crazy amount of pain and wasn't sure what the problem was, since my sinus infection had been gone for a week and these symptoms were different. My back was killing me, I couldn't get rid of my fever, my heart was racing and my teeth ached so badly that I couldn't sleep.

I went to the doctor on Friday and he told me that the sinus infection had never really left and my body was basically like, "Stop ignoring me, I need attention and antibiotics. K thanks." He was also concerned that my resting heart rate was at 120 (60-90 beats per minute is the norm). I've been testing my heart rate periodically over the weekend, and the only thing that seems to slow it down and distract me from being stressed is working on my critter illustrations while blazing through five seasons of 24 (oh my god I have no life!!!). Everytime Jack Bauer screamed "DAMN IT!" I drank a sip of water. Needless to say, I am no longer dehydrated. So, without further ado, here are the most recent exotic pets in my "say hello to my little friends" series.
Chinchillin' Like a Villain
Sugar Gliders Need Hugs too



4 Despite the rumors, ferrets are not face-eating creatures.

Ferrets Don't get no Respect
I finished another exotic pet for my upcoming series, "say hello to my little friends," which will be on display through April at Cafe Estelle. Ferrets may smell a bit like poo, but I think they are just darling.

There's something else that is non-critter related that I'd like to mention. For all of you NYC folk, I urge you to check out my brother's play, Welcome to Nowhere at P.S. 122 (150 First Avenue) through January 13th. After a sold-out run in February '08, this will be the last performance in NYC before they head off to France, Canada and Austria for upcoming Temporary Distortion projects.

A performance still from Welcome to Nowhere (bullet hole road)...part road movie, part fractured memory, part love story. A meditation on the violence, sexuality and madness found at the heart of the American Road Movie.



2 It's a new day...

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday & an even better new year. Check out a Q&A with yours truly at The Little Red Suitcase, where I was interviewed by the super fabulous Patty!

In other news, I finished another critter for my solo show, "say hello to my little friends," coming up in April at Cafe Estelle.
President Coolidge was Cool With a Capital C
Rebecca, the pet raccoon of President Coolidge, was exceptionally cool. True story.

While we're on the subject of Cafe Estelle, I'd like to mention my main squeeze, Laura Kicey, who will be having the opening of her solo show, "Living Rooms" this Friday. Be sure to join us in the celebration of her awesomeness. Plus, there will be snacks. Just sayin'.