4 Despite the rumors, ferrets are not face-eating creatures.

Ferrets Don't get no Respect
I finished another exotic pet for my upcoming series, "say hello to my little friends," which will be on display through April at Cafe Estelle. Ferrets may smell a bit like poo, but I think they are just darling.

There's something else that is non-critter related that I'd like to mention. For all of you NYC folk, I urge you to check out my brother's play, Welcome to Nowhere at P.S. 122 (150 First Avenue) through January 13th. After a sold-out run in February '08, this will be the last performance in NYC before they head off to France, Canada and Austria for upcoming Temporary Distortion projects.

A performance still from Welcome to Nowhere (bullet hole road)...part road movie, part fractured memory, part love story. A meditation on the violence, sexuality and madness found at the heart of the American Road Movie.



  1. Ferret smell was the reason I didn't buy a house I was looking at, but cute ferret art is more than acceptable to buy! Adorable!

  2. Love the Ferret painting!! Ive always wanted one as a pet, but was told their nasty. I didnt believe them, and I will have one someday!

  3. Shaaaaaannon, you are amazing. 'nough said.

    the cubby

  4. thanks gals! ferrets get a bad rep, but they are pretty harmless, apart from the stinky factor.