2 It's a new day...

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday & an even better new year. Check out a Q&A with yours truly at The Little Red Suitcase, where I was interviewed by the super fabulous Patty!

In other news, I finished another critter for my solo show, "say hello to my little friends," coming up in April at Cafe Estelle.
President Coolidge was Cool With a Capital C
Rebecca, the pet raccoon of President Coolidge, was exceptionally cool. True story.

While we're on the subject of Cafe Estelle, I'd like to mention my main squeeze, Laura Kicey, who will be having the opening of her solo show, "Living Rooms" this Friday. Be sure to join us in the celebration of her awesomeness. Plus, there will be snacks. Just sayin'.



  1. Ha ha, raccoons are funny. We ran into one (figuratively, not literally) in the parking lot of our Honeymoon hotel, and he gave us the worst stink-eye I've ever seen because we interrupted his foraging. It was so hostile, it was memorably hilarious!

  2. shucks, thank you girl! And I heart raccoons though not for pets or company in an abandoned house.