3 You know you want a commissioned portrait of your pet hermit crab....

Hello everyone! I just wanted to make a few announcements about my Etsy shop. Button and mirror packs are now available, featuring my critter illustrations!

Due to the fact that the hubby's transmission just died and is going to cost nearly $2,000 to fix (goodbye honeymoon savings!), I have been inspired to offer custom pet portraits in several sizes.
If you or anyone you know would like a commissioned drawing of their adorable pet, I'm your gal! I am crossing my fingers I'll be able to help raise money to pay for the car repair so we can have the honeymoon we've always dreamed of. Also, the originals from my "say hello to my little friends" series are for sale in my shop, so be sure to check it out! Remember, all PSPCA members will receive 10% off any item!

My next illustration series will focus on rescue/shelter dogs, and I will be posting the first drawing of the bunch sometime next week. I would like to eventually write a children's book that includes my illustrations of dogs from local shelters, to help educate children about the benefits of adopting or fostering a pet. Ideally, proceeds would be donated to the PSPCA and other local shelters if all goes well!

I'm trying to remain positive despite having quite the depressing week so far (starting the week off with a way-too-early gyno appointment, having the hub's car die, the dog peeing in our bed at midnight last night, etc.). My prints seem to be selling like hotcakes on Shana Logic (they have already sold out!), which makes me as happy as a little lamb.

Thank goodness a long weekend is ahead of us and we have a visit to the beach in store for us (my parents just moved close to Rehoboth Beach, yay)! I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!