0 Christmas in August?

I did a bad thing. I ordered a DSLR even though I am as broke as a joke (are jokes really broke? I don't get it...). I really want to teach myself how to use one of these bad boys so I can hopefully delve into pet photography and other future fantabulous endeavors.

I'm going to be raising money to pay the photography equipment off by (hopefully!) doing custom pet portraits and the like. I just recently received two commissioned portrait requests—one for a hilarious & sweet gal who wants a portrait of her pet rat named Hadrian Rodentdoodle (who unfortunately passed away), and another for a Weddingbee-reading bride who wanted some illustrations for her wedding invites of her and her fiance and their two adorable dogs. I am so lucky to have such amazing clients who are helping me pay the bills!

Now, without further ado, here are my new friends:

I wish I had these in time for Miss D'Orsay's wedding tomorrow, but alas, I just ordered this all today. I am super excited to meet a ton of bees at her bridal bash-o-rama, woot! Oh my gosh I just realized it's Project Runway night. My life is now complete.


1 Join me for the Summer Outdoor Screening Film Series tonight in Philadelphia!

For those of you who are local, come out and join me, the mister and our dog Betty White tonight at the Summer Outdoor Screenings Film Series at 2nd & Pine under the historic shambles in Philadelphia!

I'll be selling my prints, buttons and pocket mirrors, along with original work, along with Chic Petique and PAWS Animal Welfare Society! Bring the youngsters out to watch Beethoven at 8pm (I so secretly love that movie even though I'm 25). Adoptable retired racing greyhounds will also be prancing around, courtesy of the volunteers from Philadelphia Greyhound Connection! Plus, Betty White will be sporting a ridiculous dress and participating in the pet fashion show, which should be...interesting!


5 Animal tales!

I just finished my second shelter dog illustration for my upcoming children's book, "Gimme Shelter." This is Kamica, a dog that was rescued from the PSPCA.

I really like exaggerating certain features when working on pet portraits (thus the huge nearly Anime-esque sad eyes on Kamica). I've been communicating back and forth with the PSPCA about my children's book idea and they have been so supportive and helpful. They've put me in touch with a trainer who will be able to guide me around the facilities to take photos of the dogs and get to meet them to get a sense of their personalities (this way I can reference the photos for upcoming work).

In other doggy news, my friend Rakia invited me to exhibit my work next Wednesday evening (8pm) at 2nd & Pine under the historic shambles, where they will be holding a complimentary showing of the movie "Beethoven." Chic Petique will also be in attendance and giving out prizes to the best-dressed pets. I'm totally bringing Betty White in her lobster attire, so come out and hang with us!

Also, custom pet portraits are available at my Etsy shop, so if you are itchin' to get your favorite four-legged (or two-legged, or no-legged!) critter drawn, don't hesitate to stop by! I'm trying to save up for a refurbished Canon EOS 40d so I can eventually become well-versed in pet photography, so wish me luck!