6 The airport exhibition has finally taken off (terrible airplane pun intended)!

I apologize for the chirping crickets around here as of lateI've been busy creating new critters for my show! "Say Hello to my Little Friends" is now on exhibit at the Philadelphia International Airport and will be on display from May through November 2010. Check out some of my newest friends below:
Love at First Shock
When a jellyfish gets stung by a fellow jelly, the only cure is kisses.
Beep, meep, moop!
Zebra finches are boisterous singers and rock at karaoke.
I want a pet jerboa now, plzthnxbai.
Under the Sea
Sebastian the crab knows how to jam and cut a mean rug.
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers and memerp.

The unveiling of the show took place today in Terminal B at the Philadelphia International Airport. The show is still not completely installed (the sign on the left will have a poster with information about the show) and these aren't the professional photos yet (the color is a wee bit off-the floor is a bright green), but I figured it couldn't hurt to give you all a sneak peek! The show is on display for ticketed members only, so if you find yourself flying in or out of Philadelphia, be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Thanks to CityPaper for the coverage of my show! This was a wonderful opportunity to have my work on display in front of swarms of people and I can't thank the folks at the airport enough. I am already in the midst of beginning my new series, which will be a year-long process. More details within the month, pinky swear!



  1. Congratulations! Your talent and dedication never ceases to amaze me...I only wish I had an excuse to go down to Philly so I can check these out in person!

  2. How amazing it must be to see your work and your name up there!! Congratulations, doll. You are awesome.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! You are so talented, for sure people are gonna stop and admire your work. xox

  4. Congrats! I wish I was flying through Philly so I could see it in person. You are so talented :)

  5. Hey this is the exhibition you were telling me about! How cool. Congratulations!!!! Those finches are pretty adorable, but my favorite is the crab.

  6. Congrats!! If I fly there, I'll take a picture next to it and send it to you :0)