5 My artist journals are totes in Urban Outfitters!!

I am super excited to announce that my artist journals (featuring an alpaca and chipmunk from my "say hello to my little friends" series) are now for sale in Urban Outfitters. They'll be available on the website soon and are trickling in stores all across the country. My lovely BFF Melanie accidentally ran into some while browsing the UO in Santa Barbara, CA this past weekend! Here is the photo her friend snapped (insert me squealing here _________). Urban has been one of my favorite stores since I was in my mid teens, so to have work of my own for sale there (no matter how teensy) makes me a super happy Shannon.

I'm hoping to visit the King of Prussia store soon to see if they're available there yet. Eeeeeeeeep *happy dance* Thanks to Melanie for letting me know they're now out there! You rock the casbah.


  1. That's insanely exciting -- congrats!!

    P.S. Last week, you were in a dream I had. We were coworkers, and I ran into you at a diner at lunchtime but you couldn't eat with me because you were on a date. (Er, um, I'm sure you and Mr CC hadn't yet met....) And the waitress said something about a lost cat outside the restaurant, and I said I'd try to find its owners, but you said you'd already called them.

    The next day, my mother and I were talking about how I've started remembering my dreams now that the baby is sleeping better and my massive sleep deprivation has eased. She said, "You always used to dream about famous people. Anyone famous in your dreams now?" I said, "Two nights ago, it was Jeff Goldblum. But last night it was one of the other bee bloggers." And mom decided that you counted as "sort of famous, in a way." Little did she know about your Urban Outfitters news! (See how I tied that all back together, there?)

  2. tooooo amazing!!! you're like a rockstar!! congrats on this exciting news!! :)

  3. Eeeeeep! That is so exciting! Once the hellish Christmas crowds die down, I'll have to hit up my local Urban locations to see if your books are there... and, if so, move them to the best part of the display for all the see ;-) Hehe.

  4. Oh emmm geee!! I just came across this post- how exciting! Though, you are such a talented artist, it's not surprising that your work would show up there :) Congrats!