2 Join me for First Friday at MilkBoy (puh puh puh puhlease?)

If anyone is bored and in the Bryn Mawr area tonight for First Friday, feel free to stop by MilkBoy Coffee, where a ton of my bright ass artwork will be on display through December. I'll be there awkwardly sitting on a couch paralyzed with shyness and most likely consuming some type of cheese from 7-9ish, so please visit me so I don't have to socialize with strangers.


  1. you can always count on me to help you not having to socialize...
    i want you aaaaall for myself! mine.mine.mine. heh

  2. Gahhh! I'm so sorry I missed it :-( If there is any other evening you'll be there showing off your work, let me know and I will come by to see your smiling face and your beauteous artwork!