5 Makeover-o-matic!

For those of you were are kind enough to include me in your Google Reader, feel free to hop on over to my blog to check out the fantastic redesign by Kelly at Blush!nk. I realize I haven’t posted in like two months, so I apologize for my rude absence! I was getting tired of how fugly my blog was, so now that it’s all chipper and cute I think I will be more inclined to post, but I can’t promise I’ll be overwhelmingly interesting. As I type I’m wearing a foam crocodile hat (which I named M.C. Hammer), which I will have photographic evidence of later this week. Suspense!

I have a solo show lined up for December at MilkBoy Coffee in Bryn Mawr, which I am very excited about because, if you haven’t been there, it’s a great spot for artwork and live music (not to mention delicious frothy beverages).

I’m still waiting to hear back from the PSPCA regarding how I can go about taking photos of shelter dogs for my children’s book I’d like to write and illustrate, “Gimme Shelter.” One of the illustrations in the book will be of the adorable Dexter and Noodle, who were adopted by the lovely duo that is behind Philadelphia’s own “Something’s Hiding in Here.” I was able to give them the original at the Art Star Craft Bazaar, which made me happy since I adore them and like making fellow crafty folks smile.

More critter prints are back up on Shana Logic since they sold out, so be sure to grab them while you still can!

Last Saturday I woke up at 2am to take the train with my sleepy-eyed hubs to NYC and audition for Bravo’s upcoming show, “The Untitled Art Project.” I can’t help but desire to be the female artist equivalent of Santino (minus the rockin’ beard). After being abruptly shit on by pigeons not twice, but three times, I was certain that my chances were slim. Who wants to cast a girl with pigeon poo remains in her hair? Turns out my assumptions were correct. I probably shouldn’t have immediately rambled to the gentleman at casting about how I got defecated on during my wait on the line, but I can’t help but say inappropriate things during the so-called “pivotal moments” of my life. I may or may not have went on a tangent about Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton. Le sigh.

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there and visiting my neck of the woods. Major props go out to Kelly for giving my blog a much-needed makeover. I pinky swear I’ll write more soon.



  1. Wow! The designer did a great job!.... hehe. No seriously you were a joy to work with Mrs.Thang!!! Blog away!!!

  2. Love it! I can totally understand what you mean about not wanting to blog when you don't like your design...a makeover makes you want to write more!

    P.S. - Blush!nk, GREAT JOB on the design!

  3. I have to admit that I've done some stalking--- erm, following--- + wondering when you'd be back :) -- yea, everything looks fab! Too bad about the audition (and that pigeon poo!) -- hopefully next time The Untitled will snatch you up!

  4. Aw, thanks so much CaraBella. You are too cute. I am totally stalking you right back! :)