2 Bunnies are looking for love just like the rest of us.

This is a handmade card I just made to send off to Kathy Davis Studios, a local greeting card design group (and yes, that's mistletoe headgear he's wearing). If I wasn't already taken, I'd totally smooch this little guy under the mistletoe. Speaking of bunnies, our rabbit Willie Nelson is on antibiotics for a foot injury and I have to give him oral meds twice a day. He lucked out with some kind of fruit-flavored medication and gets so excited to be cradled and have medicine time, it's so redonkulousy cute. Now that I'm married, I think my maternal instincts are supposed to kick in, but I just want to foster bunnies forever and leave the dirty diapered babies for someone else to clean up after hehe. That probably makes me a bad person, but if loving bunnies is bad, I don't want to be good!